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Why Kate Humble loves taking her dogs on holiday

2nd September 2015
Why Kate Humble loves taking her dogs on holiday
I could invent all sort of excuses. I could say that my dogs, two of which were rescued, could never abide being shut up in kennels. 

That Badger, a bundle of nerves and black and white fluff, who feels abandoned even just being shut in the kitchen at night, would go into terminal decline if we left him with strangers. Bella, a more robust character, would nonetheless be miserable (unless, of course, she was slipped the odd Rich Tea biscuit, in which case she’d be fine) and Teg, my beautiful Welsh Sheepdog who needs more exercise than an Olympic athlete, would go crazy if cooped up and not allowed to run for hours at a time.


There is truth in all those excuses, but the real truth is, and I suspect this is the case with many of you dog owners, I just don’t want to go away without them.  And the thing about so many of the places listed in the Sawday’s guides (and I know, because I have stayed in quite a lot of them over the years) is that they will often be in beautiful parts of the country, with tantalising footpaths within easy reach, that the oh-so-helpful owners will point you towards, whilst lending you the local Ordnance Survey map. And what better way to discover your holiday surroundings than on foot? But without a dog at your heel?  Unthinkable!

But now, with this latest Dog Friendly guide, you need never walk alone or leave your best friend behind again. And I know, as fellow dog-owners, that you might be a little sceptical; that you too might have stayed in places that claim to be ‘dog friendly’ and turn out to be one nasty, poky little bedroom at the back with lino on the floor. But don’t worry. This is Sawday’s, remember!  Every single inn, B&B and self-catering cottage in this book has passed the rigorous checks to ensure that both you and your dog are made to feel equally welcome. So pack up your walking boots and leads, the travel sweets and the Bonios, and set off for a break that will bring the wag back into your tails!

Kate Humble


Last year we held a competition to find a handsome hound for the front cover of our dog-friendly breaks guide. We spoke to winner Stanley’s owner Gail to find out about her perfect dog-friendly break.

Naturally everyone thinks that their dog is the most beautiful, how did it feel to win the cover star competition?

We were so pleased and proud to have Stanley on the front cover! As well as stupidly excited and delighted to have won a dog friendly short break. Flamborough Rigg was light and airy and had everything we needed as well as being in a lovely spot with lots of walks that are perfect for dogs on the doorstep.

Have you taken many trips with Stanley before?

Yes many times in dog-friendly cottages, camping, caravanning, hotels. We really enjoy Pembrokeshire, the beaches are very welcoming to dogs and not too busy. It’s very unspoilt and naturally beautiful.

What is the best part of travelling with Stanley?

All the lovely walks, I think if Stanley and my other dog could talk they’d definitely say they enjoy the beach the most!


Grab your pooch a passport and plan your next holiday together with the Sawday’s guide to dog-friendly breaks in Britain.

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