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Six sensational spring walks straight from the pub door

16th March 2017

We invite pubs to join Sawday’s when they are interesting, imaginative and hospitable. We look for authenticity, laughter, a vibrant sense of community and gastronomy deeply rooted in the soil. So if you’re a pub person, we think you’ll love these six, chosen because they make perfect starting (and finishing) points for exploring beautiful spring-transformed landscapes. Wander through hidden valleys, pretty villages and picture-perfect hills to finish at a gorgeous inn and reward yourself with the freshest food. Because the best kind of walk is a pub walk. Continue Reading…

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Top ten cosy fireside escapes

12th November 2015

‘Tis the season to batten down the hatches, don some woolly socks, and snuggle up with your favourite kinfolk, hot chocolate or robust red optional. The Danes call it hygge, we like cosy, but whatever you call that fuzzy winter feeling, we’re all agreed a roaring fire is essential. Continue Reading…