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Recreate the taste of Umbria with chef Giancarlo Polito

25th March 2015
Recreate the taste of Umbria with chef Giancarlo Polito

Italian chef and Sawday’s hotel owner Giancarlo Polito uses traditional techniques to create authentic Italian dishes with locally grown ingredients. Here he shows us how to create a dish worthy of world-class restaurants at home.


·        Soak the Cicerchie for 12 hours and wash under cold water

·        Chop the onion and the celery into squares and sauté over low fire until golden brown

·        Add the Cicerchie and cover with stock

·        Whencooked, blend and then strain in a small hole colander in order to obtain asmooth and shiny consistency

·        Cut the Calamari in tagliatelle-shaped strips and marinate with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, green pepper and lime rind

·       In the oven dry out the red pepper together with a few slices of Prosciutto San Daniele (½ cm thick). Once they are completely dry blend them until powdered

·      Serve in a soup plate: ease down the Cicerchie velvet sauce, add the Calamari tagliatelle, a quenelle of Squid Ink, sprinkle with Prosciutto and Pepper Powder and finally decorate with Watercress.


Try Giancarlo’s signature dishes at La Locanda del Capitano and enjoy one of the 400 wines on offer. Take a cooking class, go on a truffle hunt and take a visit to local wineries and producers.