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How to use social media to promote your place

10th November 2016
Social media tips for Sawday's Owners

In today’s digital age, knowing how to use social media to promote your place is paramount. And luckily our Marketing Manager Tessa has some top advice for you! Try Tessa’s top tips on how to use social media to promote your place, and you’ll be a digital dervish in the time it takes to say ‘hashtag’.The world of digital marketing can be overwhelming when you have a business to run. There’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and a proliferation of new platforms which don’t always play an obvious role in generating bookings. If you find the prospect of social media more baffling than beneficial, read on. We’ll try and demystify with four simple rules…

How to use social media to promote your place

Rule one: Understand your audience

Businesses that fall into the trap of “doing” social media because they think they should be, miss the point. Think for a moment about what people use Facebook for – they share stories, make each other laugh, keep up to date with their friends’ lives, loves, sports preferences and political rants. Social media is a tool for communication – it pays to think about what your audience would be interested in, not just what you’d be interested in saying. Think of it as a conversation and not a monologue.

Yes, publish your offers but aim to give people an insight into what it’s like to live where you live and do what you do. It’s far more interesting and will be better at inspiring them to visit you…

Rule two: Do one thing well

Don’t try and spread yourself too thin by doing it all. Pick one or two social networks and concentrate on making really great content for them. Which ones should you pick? The ones your target audience are on. If you’re targeting millennials, then Instagram is great. For baby boomers, Facebook is more relevant. Influencers and journalists tend to spend more time on Twitter.

Decide who you want to target and why they would be attracted to your place – this helps you to know what you should be talking about.

Rule three: Plan to tell a compelling story

Instead of posting content at random, create a plan. Think about the audience you want to attract and what they are interested in then draw up a schedule of posts. Make them as visual as possible and make sure they give a great insight into your place and area. Don’t forget, you’re selling the dream of a wonderful holiday experience so think about all that this experience entails and how you can bring it to life. Take loads of pictures and share them. Even the tiny details are lovely: spring flowers, the vegetable garden, misty morning dog walks and the log pile in winter.

Look at which of your posts are most popular and adapt your plan to include more of what your guests are engaging with.

Rule four: Let people know you are social

Include social media links on your website, in your email signature, any newsletters you send and any advertising you do. Put it on letterheads, leaflets and business cards. Use your social media account to share content and engage with tourism bodies, local attractions and things to do so you raise the profile of your business.

Good luck and see you on the web!

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