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Five of our favourite pubs for seafood

2nd May 2017
Great seafood in fantastic pubs - sawdays

Most pubs can manage a decent fish & chips or a good salmon fillet, but we like the sort of places who go the extra fathom to make their seafood something special. Here, we’ve picked out a handful of pubs that don’t just show creativity in the kitchen, but have a deep connection to their local waters that comes out in the delicious dishes they create.

The Griffin Inn – Pembrokeshire

The Griffin Inn - Pembrokeshire - Seafood pubs

What’s special about it? 
When Sian and partner Simon took over, they resolved to create a “real pub” at their gorgeous dockside location on the Pembrokeshire coast. From the moment local fisherman Mark welcomed them with two boxes of his day’s catch, a superb seafood menu was born. They now have their own boat, Griffin Girl, whose catch ensures some of the most direct sea-to-plate dining you’ll ever find.

Try to catch: Simon’s steamed bass – simply seasoned and with any sauce served on the side, to let the flavour of the fish take centre stage.

The Millbrook Inn – Devon

The Millbrook Inn - Devon - Seafood pubs

What’s special about it?
The Bakers at The Millbrook Inn believe that villages need pubs and pubs need villages. They’ve set out to make The Millbrook the hub of South Pool in Devon, but also imported the Gallic flair of Jean-Phillippe Bidart to the kitchen. He combines a passion for nose (or gill)-to-tail cooking with inventive use of local ingredients and his native French style.

Try to catch: The Bouillabaisse – Jean’s Devon version of the Provencal Classic, served with rouille, gruyere and croutons.

The Lifeboat Inn – Norfolk

The Lifeboat Inn - Norfolk - Seafood pubs

What’s special about it?
The Lifeboat has been saving seafarers from pangs of hunger and thirst for over 500 years and it feels like there’s a story stuffed into every crack of the dimpled walls and gnarled old beams. It remains a haven from stormy seas or the perfect stop on a hike round the Norfolk coast and a great menu is being further enhanced by new head chef Mike Smith.

Try to catch: Their famous fish pie – with white wine, cream and a dapple crust.

The Pandora Inn – Cornwall

The Pandora Inn - Cornwall - Seafood pubs

What’s special about it?
Another ancient hideaway, The Pandora Inn, lives on and in the water near Falmouth. Restored to its 13th century glory using traditional techniques and materials after a fire in 2011, you can once again arrive at the long pontoon by water taxi, and watch as your lunch options are brought in by local fishermen.

Try to catch: Anything that’s just come off the pontoon! Some of the shellfish are even caught straight from the floating dock.

The Cornish Arms – Cornwall

What’s special about it?
Presumably having run out of space in Padstow, Rick Stein has now opened up a classic country pub in St Merryn, serving St Austell ales and with a beautiful beamed barn restaurant that opens onto a big terrace. Although a little inland, it’s still close enough to the sea that you can smell the salt in the air and taste the freshness of the ingredients.

Try to catch: Half-pint of prawns and sourdough bread – the perfect quick seafood snack to break up a day’s rambling.

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