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Calabria; starting a foodie B&B against natural parks and sparkling seas

31st March 2016
Calabria; starting a foodie B&B

From meeting in The Netherlands to having a long-distance relationship across Europe and finally starting a foodie B&B adventure in the heart of Calabria, Marco and Asuncion share their rather romantic journey with us.


What made you want to start a B&B? Was the farm in your family?

Agriturismo Calabrialcubo belonged to Marco’s family and we moved to Calabria together in 2005 to take care of it. Before this Marco lived in Bologna, where he graduated in agriculture and I lived in Spain as a schoolteacher. We met in the Netherlands and after a few years of a long-distance relationship, we decided to embark on this adventure together!

In the early years we focused on the improvement and implementation of agricultural activities, before renovating the old buildings and opening the restaurant.

What is Calabria like?

Calabria is definitely a great region to discover; the scenery is stunning and it has a mild climate all year round. There are two beautiful seas, the Ionian and Tyrrhenian and three natural parks with forests and mountains that hide remote villages. There are so many sights to from the gorgeous sunsets with the Aeolian Islands in the background to the authentic food and friendly people.


What’s the food like at the farm?

Everything revolves around food and we use as much produce on the farm as we can; all of the extra virgin olive oil in the kitchen, herbs, vegetables, fruits, avocados, organic beef, sausages and craft beers.

Which dish would you recommend from your menu?

That’s a difficult question, all of our menus are interesting! Our chef prides himself on using seasonal food creatively. Our speciality though is probably smoked beef rump with valerian avocados and nuts or nettle risotto with bacon.


How have you found running the B&B?

Running the B&B can be a complex and delicate task because you want to make sure that every guest has a lovely time. There are so many challenges; starting a new life in a new place, moving from a town to the countryside, renovating all of the accommodation an in innovative way for the area and drawing guests to an unusual and little-known tourist destination.

What advice would you have for someone looking to start their own B&B business?

We wouldn’t give advice because we still have so much to learn! You definitely do need to have passion for your place though and enjoy meeting new people and making their stay special.

What is the best part of running Agriturismo Calabrialcubo?

Having the opportunity to host guests from all over the world. It’s also amazing to live in nature as a family without a strict routine – it’s an adventure that allows us the flexibility to do whatever we like.


Join the adventure and surround yourself with nature and great helpings of Calabrian fare at Agriturismo Calabrialcubo.

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