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Breathe life into your photography

19th July 2016
Breathe life into your photography

Users of Sawday’s – your potential guests – are bombarded with images when searching for somewhere special to stay. Galleries accompany Sawday’s places and beckon browsers to book, but does your gallery stand out and capture guests attention?

Owners need to work harder to capture interest quickly once the guest hits the place page, and one of the most effective ways to do so is by ensuring your photo gallery is full to the brim of brilliant photography.

Catherine Hay has the lovely

Hillview Cottage that sits in very pretty countryside near Wells in the green hills of Somerset. It’s a typical Sawday’s place: packed with interesting things that reflect the character of the owners, colourful, homely, relaxed and unpretentious – the very opposite of ‘boutique’ and all the better for it.

The Hays have been doing B&B through Sawday’s for over 20 years and get plenty of good feedback from guests. But they’re probably very typical of some of our owners in that they came from a ‘being in a book’ background rather than launching straight onto a website. And ‘being in a book’ meant having to produce one, or at the most two, photos.

This year Catherine was determined to get some really good photos taken of Hillview Cottage so we decided to monitor her page views over three months and see if the better pictures actually made a difference.


Simply by changing what were rather drab pictures into a colourful gallery that shows plenty of detail, Catherine has doubled the amount of people who are ‘clicking through’ from her page on Sawday’s to her own website… in just three months!

If you fear your own pictures aren’t really up to the job anymore, then get snapping – or get someone handy with a camera to take them for you. But before you start do have a look at our tried and tested Top 10 Photo Tips, breathe new life into your Sawday’s page and show off your Special Place at its absolute best. A bit like L’Oreal – because you’re worth it…

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